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Hotel Tulip Inn Xi Yue Hotel - Kunming

TULIP INN XI YUE HOTEL - KUNMING – 4 app.containers.Hotel.stars

Tulip Inn Xiyue locates right in around Caiyun Road South of Chenggong District, conviniently near Kunming Administration Center and Chenggong Administration and Services Centre and next to Metro line 1 (Chunrong Street Station).Because of its warm climate, beautiful landscape and Eco-friendly life style, Kunming city is regarded as “Spring City” in China.

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N Restaurant is integrated with the concept of Branche, which means Nature; an innovative French restaurant brand contains restaurants, bars, coffee shop in one. By the fashion design style and in accordance with the principle of human body engineering design, we do aim to bring all our guests a comfortable and joyful stay experience.


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